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If I had to describe myself in 4 words:

It would go like this: natural, empathetic, curious, and sincere.

What makes me happy and nourishes my soul?​​​​

  • Start the day with kundalini yoga and meditation.

  • Time with my loved ones, and especially when Dad invites us to a homemade lunch

  • Cuddle and play with choco lab Nelson

  • Transformation of clients (clients satisfaction and progress)

  • Books, movies, podcasts, and people who inspire me to evolve

  • Long conversations about emotions, energy, soul and philosophy, the meaning of life

  • Time spent in nature

A little about my background and life path

Although I have a master's degree in Economics, my curious and investigative nature has always drawn me toward Eastern teachings, literature on spirituality, coaching, and new scientific studies in psychology and neuroscience.


For almost 18 years, I worked in a multinational company that provided me with rich professional and personal experience. The international environment helped me understand the corporate culture and challenges people and organizations face daily. I am grateful for that experience because today, it allows me to better support business people who want to balance th


However, I feel satiated after many years in the same company, followed by a burning desire for change. It wasn't easy to leave a "safe" job and step out of my comfort zone, but my inner voice became so loud that I had no choice but to listen to it and explore where my soul would take me. She took me directly into the world of more profound work on myself, yoga, meditation, and coaching.

Yoga & Meditation

I am a certified traditional and kundalini yoga (awareness yoga) teacher. The philosophy of Kundalini yoga was such a discovery to me. It is a dynamic and powerful practice for deep, whole, and conscious work on yourself. Kundalini yoga took me on my self-discovery journey, calmed my mind, and cleared my subconscious of old programs that had been my stumbling block for many years. In 2019, with much love and enthusiasm, I started teaching Kundalini workshops ffor women to help them connect with their creative feminine essence. Strengthening the nervous system (calming the mind and regulating emotions) is crucial for women's intuitive and emotionally volatile nature, and this is what we do every Saturday morning in Rijeka (Zamet Center).


Coaching, personal development training

While mastering my yoga teaching skills, I started attending various courses, workshops, and training in personal development. That's how I encountered performance coaching. Coaching deeply resonated with me and helped me achieve my great desire: to have a business and do what I am passionate about. Soon after finishing the yoga teacher training, I felt shame and self-doubt. I hesitated to open a business and thought: "How will people react to my drastic career change? After preparing reports and working with Excel tables, how will I start talking about something as intangible as the soul, chattering mind, and inner peace? "

It wasn't a problem what others would think, but rather my perception and  limiting belief: "I won't be good enough in the new field." I sabotaged myself. After realizing this with the coach, everything started to unfold rapidily. It was as if someone me put glasses with which I got clarity and noticed numerous opportunities and possibilities. Within two months, I opened a business while working full-time in a multinational company, found a space I still use to hold workshops, made a detailed plan, and signed up for Performance Coach training.

Today, I continue investigating new methods and tools to provide people with an even better and more comprehensive approach. I described my favorite coaching clients and the coaching process in "3 Steps of the Coaching Process".

MindBodySoul - An unbreakable connection

I have always felt that we are much more than just our physical body. Something intangible that sometimes makes us happy and sometimes sad or angry. Today, I know that the reason for this is the deep connection between our mind, body, emotions, and soul. Neglecting one of these four aspects will prevent us from feeling inner peace, contentment, and harmony. We will feel as if something is missing, that something is wrong with us, and we will (unconsciously) look for a puzzle to fill that inner void.


A feeling of emptiness and uselessness

That feeling of emptiness and uselessness pushed me towards a change of profession and brought me to you. My journey of self-discovery and personal development has transformed my life. There was a lot to solve: from an overly loud, analytical mind, panic attacks, fears, heart beating up to 250 beats per minute, limiting beliefs ("I'm not good enough," "Immature and weak people express fear and anger"), old behavior patterns to deeply repressed the emotion of fear.

What changes do I notice today compared to the previous version of myself?

My MINDSET changed (how I perceive myself and the whole world), I gained insight into the bigger picture, calmed my mind, and found MY SOUL'S PATH, in which I nurture a sense of meaning and inner fulfillment.

My mission

To help you realize that you deserve to live a conscious and fulfilling life.

Contact me if you want us to open a new chapter of your life. Your soul enjoys to learn and evolve.

About my childhood and what formed my mindset read in blogpost:  "What I learned from my mother."

In 2012, Coaching and Yoga were my dreams. Today, they are my passion, work and an important part of my life.

What do I consider essential for a successful and happy life?








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