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Looking for a powerful and dynamic practice that can quickly expand your awareness and energize your body?

This practice can give you a unique experience of your Soul. It's open to everyone, for people of all ages, regardless of your previous yoga experience.  The goal of the practice is to live your truth in an authentic way thriving and experiencing joy and happiness. It affects and improves the overall wellbeing.

Individual (online) / Group (online & in Rijeka)

Session Duration: 60 - 90 min


kundalini joga


kundalini joga Hrvatska

Centar Zamet, Mala dvorana, Rijeka

The kundalini yoga sets include breathing techniques, eye focus, physical postures, body locks, hand gestures, deep relaxation and, mantra chanting. They are designed to awake and improve the flow of energy in your spine, activate and balance the endocrine system, strengthen the nervous system, increase the lung capacity and, purify the blood.

This type of yoga offers a wide range of meditations helpful to reduce stress and anxiety, bring prosperity into your life, clear the fear-based subconscious programs, open the heart for giving and receiving love, increase creativity, build intuition, and many more.

All types of yoga have the same goal, to raise consciousness (kundalini energy); it's only a matter of time and rate of progress.

Kundalini Yoga, compared to other yoga styles, gives you significantly more quickly a boost of energy, the sensation of "feeling good" and expanded awareness.

The benefits can be noticed already after the first session. It is a completely safe practice.

1 Drop in: 16 EUR

Monthly fee: 50 EUR  (4 workshops)

Membership EVOLVE mjesečno: 90 EUR  (4 kundalini workshops  online  + 4 live in Centre Zamet 1 exclusive coaching or kundalini workshop in Rijeka)


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