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What is and what is not Coaching?

Often when I meet people and tell them what I do, they say: I heard about Coaching. Some of them know what Coaching is, while others look at it with a dose of doubt and incomprehension.

So let me explain what Coaching is and what it is not.

Let's start with what Coaching is not.

Coaching is not Therapy and does not look for causes in the past.

Coaching is not Mentoring either because the coach is not an authority to the client and doesn't give him ready-made solutions or answers to his challenges.

Coaching is not Consulting because it does not include preparing reports, specific statistics, and analyses. In this post, I intend not to undermine any of these methodologies but to clarify what is not coaching.

Then, what is Coaching, and what is it found on?

It is important to note that Coaching is focused on the present and the future.

The roots of Coaching come from philosophy. Since ancient times, Greek philosophers were looking for the meaning/purpose of life and ethics and morals. In short, they lived a life following certain principles.

The field of psychology also made its rich contribution to Coaching, which offered many valuable insights into human behavior; introspection of desires, thoughts, and emotions.

Coaching provides support, guidance, and assistance to the client in discovering himself, his values ​​and potential, and the challenges and triggers that appear on the way to achieving the desired goals and results.

By asking powerful questions and actively listening to the client, the Coach creates a relationship of mutual trust. In such a relationship, the client feels comfortable and safe to talk about himself openly gaining important insights, and knowledge that strengthens his self-confidence. The coach does not tell the client what he should or shouldn't do. He does not judge or criticize either.

Using various techniques and tools, the Coach guides the client to find the answers and solutions that are best for him. All the answers are within the client himself. He is responsible for his life and he is the creator of his life (sometimes, this is hard to accept because it is easier to be in the role of a victim and blame someone else).

In Coaching, a person is seen as a whole, with an inextricable connection between body, emotions, mind, and soul. So, apart from the physical body, we also have energy, feelings, and mental states - inner wisdom guides. Something completely intangible and important.

From personal experience, Coaching is an effective method of getting out of your comfort zone and working on yourself. The results are noticed very quickly.

It is not said for nothing: "LIFE STARTS AT THE END OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE" - N.D. WALSH

Follow your dreams and explore the ways that inspire you to get out of your comfort zone.

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